Can Someone Hurt You Through Energy ?

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Lately a lot of people ask us questions regarding energetic harm and if there is a possibility that some negative energy or influence can be done remotely by someone else and this blog post is created to address this question.


In short the answer is No and Yes.
First of all, energy is neutral, by itself, it cannot harm you.

It is just a tool. The same as a knife.

A knife can be used to cut a slice of bread or the hand of someone.

This doesn’t make the knife neither good or bad, it is just a tool.

Same is valid for energy, it is Neutral.

People on the other hand create Thought Forms.

These can be positive, like the one`s used for healing or destructive, with bad intention, manipulative and so on.
Either way a thought for is only effective, when the person it is directed to, has similar ideas/vibrations inside of himself.

A good analogy here is a bridge and marching soldiers. The vibration of their steps creates a vibration that resonates with the bridge and damages it.
An example: when we heal, we send a thought form so that the person heals and he has this intention inside to heal as well, meaning he allowed us to do a reiki session on him and actually wants to get better.
Same is valid for destructive thought forms.
They will be activated if the person they are meant for, has ego reactions inside and the thought form can resonate with them, just like the bridge.
Thus the more complete answer to the question is, if you are afraid, then harm can be done, because you have ego reactions inside, and destructive thought forms will only increase this process you already have inside of you.
So to put it simply:
have love inside and neutralize your ego reactions instead of “protecting” yourself.

The only thing you need to be aware of is your Ego.
As long as you understand how energy works, no need for any protection.
If you protect yourself from something = you are scared of something = fear = ego = easy manipulation

Hope it makes sense ?

Wishing you Health, Love, Harmony,

Grandmaster Reiki Academy Team

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