Questions related to Grandmaster Reiki Academy Education and Initiations in Canada between 2012 and 2014

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Dear friends,

We want to alert you of possible fraud with the name of our Grandmaster Reiki Academy in Canada.

Reiki teacher Brana Giancrystofaro has never signed the legal agreement of regulating the relations between the Academy and it’s Teachers/Coordinators!

She has no right to conduct any seminars on our behalf valid from 01.august.2014 and is not allowed to use the branding of the Grandmaster Reiki Academy in no way.

This person does not have the necessary qualifications and are not allowed to conduct workshops in:

  • Grandmaster Reiki 8/9 initiation,
  • Mental Energy 1-5 initiation,
  • Tibetan Priestly Practices 1-6 initiations,
  • Opening the Chakras initiations,
  • Cosmogony initiation
  • Druid practices initiations
  • and any other seminars from the Grandmaster Reiki Academy Syllabus.


The website has never been authorized to be registered by Brana and she did it on her own behalf. We are not responsible for any of the validity of the information published there and have no relation with that website whatsoever. The official website of the Grandmaster Reiki Academy INC in english is


We have only 6 legally Grandmaster Reiki Teachers Academy in Canada:
St-Pierre, Sylvie, for Canada
Milosavljevic, Ljiljana for USA

Please, please be careful and do not become a victim of fraud.


Many of you asked us questions related to the period of 2012 – 2014 education in Canada, that’s why we decided to address them here in this blog post:

  1. Which initiations are valid from Brana?

Initiation that she can do on her own are for seminars Reiki 1 – 7.

Brana received initiation as a Reiki 7 Master from her Teacher Ogi in the summer 2012 in Sofia and was able to do initiations Reiki 1 to 7 after asgala 2013, when she received her teachers initiation by Sathya.

She was also able to do Tibetan Priestly Practices 1 and Opening the Chakras, but only with Sathya`s participation over skype.

In fact seminars with Sathya`s presence were very few and all that attended them can be calm that their initiations are valid.

But it came to the attention of the Academy that a lot of seminars were done without Sathya`s presence and all those seminars are fraud.

Apart from this, Brana used different prices, that were exceeding the official seminar prices of the Academy and was sometimes charging double fees, in cases of Mental Energy 1-2, which is 1 seminar, priced 139 EUR in the English market and not 400 dollars.

2. During the camp Asgala 2013, Brana saw Sathya live for the first time and received education together with the rest of the Asgala 1 group. No additional teachers initiations were given at the Asgala 2013 camp.

3. Regarding the seminars in the Schools of Mental Energy (known to you as Inner Energy), Opening the Chakras, Tibetan Priestly Practices, Brana was allowed to do only the theory part of each seminar and all initiations done by Sathya over skype.

4. Official pricing of the Asgala camps 1 and 2 is 1500 Canadian dollars.

All upcoming official Asgala camps are priced from 1399 EUR to 1799 EUR. All prices are listed here(link upcoming).

Official partner commission is included in these prices and is 300 EUR for each referred student.

Brana requested to change the program of the official camps in order to lower it’s cost, with the argument that this is what people wanted.

That is why the special programs Asgala 1 and Asgala 2 were created with a value of 1500 Canadian dollars equal to 1050 EUR.

Brana’s commission for the Asgala 1 and 2 camps was $1000 CAD per student.


As we cannot be sure in the validity of Your initiations, since the Academy has never been presented with a list of all the people that were initiated,

We suggest that we schedule meetings in each of the cities of Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal so that Sathya can do all the initiations again for FREE

For all the students that are from other cities in Canada and won’t be able to attend the group initiations, please send us an email at info @ to schedule an individual initiation over skype.
Please note that these individual initiations will take place after November 1st 2014.

Sathya supports all of you in such an unpleasant moment and wants to do everything possible to fix all the damage Brana has caused with initiations so far, so that you feel happy and satisfied.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact Sathya directly via mail or skype.

We were kicked out of your fb group, that is why we created an official english fb group of the academy that you can join by clicking this link.

The Grandmaster Reiki Academy is growing and you will always be part of our big Spiritual Family.

Seminars are launching in english begining of december.

Health, Love, Harmony to all,

Sathya and the Grandmaster Reiki Academy Team

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