Can Someone Read Your Thoughts or Your True Self ?

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This blog post will focus on other people’s ability to read you and your thoughts and answers some of the questions you have been asking us as well:


Can Sathya Eo’Than read another person’s mind?

Can any person read another person’s mind?

Nobody can!

How does Sathya check a person is telepathic?

senses the vibration of the person

Did Sathya check Brana with the same technique?

He checked brana only at Asgala 2013 and actually he had big doubts about her, but gave her a chance, because she really wanted to work

Did Sathya tell Brana she was part of his soul family?  And that they had spent 15 or 16 (not sure on exact number) of lives together?

Never he lived even one life with brana, this is made up by her!

Can enlightenment be achieved in this lifetime?  In a single year?  How many of us will reach enlightenment in this lifetime (of course this is a bit rhetorical – but I’m wondering if it’s 1 to 1 billion, nearly 0, almost all, etc)

depends upon the individual work from the person. From common statistics 3-4% can achieve enlightenment.

How many teachers are currently working under Sathya’s guidance?  Please be as specific as possible (ie total number, per country)

Around 30 teachers currently

What classes is Ogy allowed to teach?

All classes except reiki 8/9 and mental 5 for Ogi

Is Ogy allowed to initiate teachers in their teaching practices?  For what particular practices (ie can he teach teachers to initiate Inner Energy 1-2, Opening of the Chakras, Tibetan Priestly Practices (1-2) etc?

Ogi is not capable of giving not one teachers degree, meaning Ogi cannot create a new teacher and Brana became a teacher only in Asgala 2013, when she received teachers degree from Sathya. Before that their arrangement was that she does seminars and Sathya does initiations online.

How many other of Sathya’s students are allowed to teach Mental energy, Opening of the Chakras, Tibetan Priestly Practices 1 and 2 and Regression?  With or without Sathya’s presence?

12 people currently

Why does Sathya charge 30% to his teachers (see Brana note)

It is like a franchise, his knowledge, his seminars. He also does advertisement, he works with them, he trains teachers for free. Fee is 20 to 30% depending on the type of seminar. Please see Become a Partner page for full terms.


If you need additional information, please send an email to info @ and we will be happy to address them.


Health, Love, Harmony,

Sathya and the Grandmaster Reiki Academy Team


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