Grandmaster Reiki Academy is created by Sathya Naniokari and Sathya Eo`Than in 2008. The Academy is a product of Teachers of the ancient “Usui Reiki Fam Rei” community.


The goal of the Academy: to make the ancient Knowledge accessible to everyone and allow You to learn directly from the Guardians of the Traditions, no matter where you are in the world.

Thanks to the advancements in internet communications, we teach Reiki and other practical seminars online in more than 150 countries globally.

The advantages of online seminars are obvious:

  1. You do not have to travel long miles and spend enormous amounts of money for additional expenses, so that you can learn personally from the Grandmaster Teacher, Guardian of the Reiki Traditions
  2. During live seminars 90% of the information is lost and forgotten, but with online seminars, you have the ability to listen to the Teacher over and over, go back if you missed something and listen to an idea again and again until it becomes clear and understandable.
  3. You receive personal initiations from the Teacher individually, as you would in a live seminar.
  4. After initiation, you can ask all your questions directly to the Teach and receive answers immediately through video.
  5. After a seminar is finished, You will continue to receive video recordings of all questions that students have, answered by the Teacher. Moreover you will be getting lifetime video updates of every future corresponding seminar absolutely FREE. It is like you will be personally attending all seminars of the Teacher for many years to come.

Grandmaster Reiki Academy

You would like to learn in person with the Teacher ? No problem ! Three times each year you can participate in Grandmaster Classes, organized in three of the strongest places of power on our planet: Chocolate Hills (Bohol, Philippines), Asgala (Turkey and Bulgaria) and Yucatan (Mexico). There Satha Eo’Than teaches live, performs unique initiations and practices in person, as well as seminars that is not possible to be taken online (Reiki 8, Reiki 9, Mental Energy 5 and others).

Apart form Reiki Fam Rei – the complete dual channel system with the secret symbols, in the Academy you can also master other schools: Ancient Tibetan Priestly Practices, Mental Energy, Cosmogony, Celtic Magic (Ancient Druid Practices), Opening the Chakras, Practice of Tibetan Meditations, Change of Tragic Karma, Third Eye Opening, Channeling with Soulmates and others.




Guardians of the Traditions in
Usui Reiki Fam Rei

Mikaio Usui (1912-1926)

Sathya Naniokari (1926-2008)

Sathya Eo`Than (from 2008 till now)

Even experienced Teachers and Reiki Masters often make mistakes. They make them not because they are bad people or reiki practitioners, but because they do not know in full all the cause-effect relations when they practice or teach this ancient knowledge.

In it’s essence Reiki absolutely recalls chess. Everything is logical, successively and in accordance with the Laws of our Manifested World. A Reiki session is like a game of chess. Because everything you do is logical, step by step, and problems and deceases are resisting your actions. If you are well prepared and you know the rules and niceties of the game, then you will definitely win. But if your opponent plays an unknown debut scheme, and you do not know what to do, because you are afraid, then you will surely lose.

Sometimes in Reiki, as well as in a chess game, time is used as well. Sometimes the game for a human life is played in seconds. That is why you must be able to take fast and correct decisions.

There are Masters and there are Craftsmen. A Master is a Creator. He creates the game of chess. A Craftsman only follows the algorithms, written by the Master. He is not capable of creating on his own. And prefers to say: “It is not possible, because my Master said, it CANNOT BE.” But a craftsman can never explain WHY.

If you are capable of THINKNG, like in chess, then you can become amazing Reiki Masters. And the goal of the Grandmaster Reiki Academy is to help you achieve just that.