What is the Tibetan Priestly School?

The school, which divides your life “before the school ” and “after the school”. It is designed for strong and responsible for their lives people – people who are not afraid to look “beyond the border of habitual reality.”

The school is based on the ancient Tibetan Priestly Practices for working with living and nonliving matter. To learn the practical methods of the School, a qualitative transformation of the astral body is required, corresponding to that of the people of the new generation.

The school is practical, built on scientific methods as its foundation. It is useful for Masters as well as those who make their first steps in working with energy. The program is built successively and is easily achievable. The work goes on individually until a guaranteed result.

Main results achieved by the students of the Ancient Tibetan Priestly Practices School:

  • Improving their health and quality of life;
  • Rejuvenation of the body and normalizing their weight;
  • Becoming successful and understanding of life;
  • Building a strong value system that protects from external manipulations ;
  • Realization of their true desires;
  • Ability to see auras,
  • Gaining of telepathic abilities;
  • Ability to control the cellular mind
  • Ability to manage the elements of the physical world ;
  • Mastering the Ancient Tibetan Priestly Healing practices;
  • Students (after regular practices) become “alive Harmonizers “, creating harmony around themselves just by their presence.