Cosmogony is a Code of Laws, by which our universe was created, exists and develops. When a person builds his life in accordance with the Laws of Cosmogony, he is successful in all his endeavors, he is surrounded by harmony, love and beauty. If he consciously or unconsciously acts against these Laws , then and the results will be the opposite – no success , chaos , conflict with himself and with the world around him.

Cosmogony Theory
Each of us has his own unique value system, which defines our whole lives, our behavior, our attitude towards anything. Periodically this value system is put to rigorous testing, which can cause a spiritual crisis if the value system was built on false, illusory categories. Sometimes, we have the wrong value system, but we defend it by all means possible, ignoring everything that does not correspond to it. This way we deprive ourselves of the opportunity to grow, evolve and be happy.

To build a True value system, we need to put Universal Laws in its foundations, acting independently of external factors. Cosmogony operates with such Laws. Putting them in the fundamentals of your value system, you are guarantying a full, complete and successful life in this manifested world.

We are in the Circle of Life for the individual evolution of our astral bodies. Of course physical bodies are also important to us, but their life is so short that to talk about evolution makes no sense. Birth in a physical body is necessary for us as a tool for the realization of our main goal.

Evolution of our astral bodies is accomplished through the conflict between our mental True Self, divine by nature and our astral Ego, existing inseparably in any Individuality from the moment of the Creation of the World. As a result of this conflict, we gain life experience, which contributes to the spiritual transformation of the astral body. In this spiritual transformation the Ego shrinks, as well as its specific manifestations: insults, anger, aggression, hostility, fears, hatred, complexes, etc. In our human culture this process can be determined by the term “improvement of the soul”.

Timely we need to discuss the opposite process of evolution – involution . During involution spiritual degradation occurs, coupled with amplification of the Ego and all its negative qualities. Again in the human culture there is a concept “walk against God”, which precisely defines the involutional direction in one’s development.

Choosing a path for development is up to the Individuality itself, according to the Universal Law of the Free Will. Everything in our life depends on what we truly strive: the harmonious divine evolutionary True Self or the chaotic involutional Ego.

It is important to understand that Involution is needed as an opposite to Evolution. Otherwise, the very Idea of ​​development is impossible, as it is impossible to understand Light without understanding the nature of Darkness, or the understanding of Life without the awareness of Death.

Every Individuality periodically moves and towards Evolution and towards Involution. This is the Divine Idea for the Creation of Life, which is realized through the Circle of Life of every Evolutionary Complex.

Cosmogony is more of a scientific, than a religious doctrine, but precisely it has served as the foundation of all religions, whenever they existed on our Planet. The practical aspect of this Doctrine is the study of the mental field and the mental energy, which allows a transition to completely new level of personal evolution, and reveals new opportunities to each of us.