What is Mental Energy and Mental Power?


The School of Mental Energy is the Higher School in the preparation of the Masters in ancient Tibet. Its foundation is based on the mastery of mental power, enabling us to actively create our life by our own Will.

The average person’s mental power is very weak, unfocused, inconsistent and contradictory. In the process of mastering the Mental Energy people become much more successful in all areas of life and their wishes are carried out quicker, easier and much more fully.

What are the steps to achieve Mental Power?

1. Increasing the level of energy vibrations of your physical body ( system of feeding , sexual harmony, breathing techniques , meditations , gymnastics and exercising );

2 . Establishing a connection with Mental Energy within ourselves and the world around us; ability to attract and concentrate Mental Power;

3. Ability to beam Mental Energy from yourself in the world around; ability to apply Mental Power on external objects;
4. Creation of active thought forms and tuning our Mental field for automatic reception of intuitive revelations; ability to realize your desires with the help of Mental Power;

5 . Influencing the Mental Field of other beings with your Mental Power in order to increase their energy level, prevent any manipulation between people;

6 . Achieve true neutrality; independence from any situation, from any result; complete victory over the Ego.